Welcome to Transplant World!

The new on-line world inhabited by hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who are alive today – leading rich and active lives – with new kidneys, pancreases, hearts, lungs, intestines and livers.A number of famous people are members of Transplant World, as well as many, many people who until now have been famous only in their own community, or own family.

This web site is being created as a virtual community to enable the citizens of Transplant World to share their triumphs – the stories of lives transformed through the miracle of organ transplantation – and to tell the world that transplantation works.

But this medical miracle only works if organs are available. The hope of Transplant World is that by sharing thousands of success stories – and by sharing the JOY of our families – we will overcome the current organ shortage by encouraging every American family to make organ donation an automatic.

I believe that one of the reasons many families do not make the commitment to organ donation – which most anyone who thinks about it supports — is many people do not like to talk about, or even think about, death.

So the idea behind Transplant World is to focus on life, and the amazing, spectacular, second- chance, wonderful lives people – and their families — have when an organ is available.

If you are a transplant recipient, fill out the citizenship form for Transplant World. If you simply want to join the roster of transplant successes but don’t want to tell your story, check the “add me to your website directory” box. We simply will list you by city with your email address. No street addresses or phone numbers will ever appear on this web site.

If you want to help us build the buzz, share your story (and photos), so Transplant World can let the rest of the world know how great things are going for the thousands of us who have been fortunate enough to have had a life-saving transplant.

— Jennifer Benjamin,
1996 kidney-pancreas transplant recipient


handLife.That’s what transplantation is all about.And if Transplant World – with stories about the lives of little kids, athletes, artists, students, business people – gets people psyched up, our hope is that they will talk to their families about this medical miracle.

familyEvery family oughtto be interested in these stories, because millions more families will become candidates to benefit from the miracle of organ and tissue transplantation at some point in the next 20 years.

nurse Let’s get some real great success stories about life inTransplant Worldup on this web site, and see if we can’t increase public excitement about the wonder of transplantation (and, of course, the importance of donation).