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Kati – Ft. Thomas, Kentucky “Five days later, they told my family that they had given me the wrong type kidney.”

Esther – Mexico City, Mexico “I believe that a donor must feel like a lottery winner since he is the person who can directly make a loved one live longer.”

Aloysios – Darien, IL “The operation took 5 hours less than expected and I was privileged to receive the transplant on New Year’s Eve, the last one in the Chicago area in the 20thCentury” Aloysios’ Poem

Frances – Chillicothe, OH “My body rejected the drug so I returned to Oklahoma to die. “

Brian – Willowick, OH  “Perfectly good organs rotting in the ground doesn’t do anybody any good. “

Paul – Columbus, OH  “I would trade my leg for my transplant any day without giving it a second thought. I feel like I am alive again.”

Mary Jo – Pinch, WV Those of us blessed enough to live must remember our fellow sufferers who die waiting – it could easily have been us.”

Laurie – Neenah, WI  ” Before I had my surgery I couldn’t eat much at all. Now I can have anything that I want at any time that I want. IT’S GREAT”

Stan – Westmont, IL  “I realized that it’s not just getting the gift, but what you do with it that makes your life a miracle.” 

Ilya – New York, NY    “..A life free of Diabetes is truly a miracle” 

Muff – Seattle, WA  ” I am nearly 10 years out (October 1989) and have a happy, healthy 4-year-old named Madison.”

Christine – New York, NY  “My transplant generated tremendous media coverage, as I was the first heart/liver west of the Mississippi.”

Barbara – Alliance, OH  “I feel that in facing death, I can now live life to it’s fullest every moment.

Garry – Parma, OH  “After 22 days in the hospital I came home for a late Christmas with my family.  The first thing I did was to eat a donut.”

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