US Transplant Olympics Games

Welcome to our Games Snapshots!

On Thursday, June 21, 2000 I set up a booth for Transplant World at the U.S. Transplant Games sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation. I thought it would be a great place to meet other recipients who would be the perfect success stories for Transplant World. I was right! Over 120 people joined our virtual community.

Although the weather was almost unbearably hot, everyone I met took the time to fill out a registration form and chat about his or her experience. I was in awe.

As you’ll see in the snapshots, we brought our web site to the Games. A 32-inch monitor, my computer and Internet access allowed my friend Faith and I to click through Transplant World for everyone to see.

These snapshots reflect the genuine success of these recipients and their families.

Thanks to all who made me feel as though Transplant World is a good idea and can make a difference.

Ryan -  Pennsylvania Liver recipient                 7CJqlDsZ              img2

Aloysius        img5        img6       img7

img11   img10   img9    TN-Kati